Thank You Aquamax For Professionalism and a Great Service Experience (Eventually!)


Today, I’d like to thank Aquamax – our gas water heater brand.

They initially came to my home to service our water heater because, to put it simply, we were not getting hot water.

The Aquamax technician replaced some of the parts and promised it would all come good in half an hour but it did not, even though we had already paid for the service and the parts.

To cut a long story short, they told us to get a plumber because it was not a heater issue but a plumbing problem. We did. It was (a plumbing problem). Turns out the heater parts didn’t need to be replaced at all. The plumber got it fixed, and we eventually paid this guy almost the same amount we had initially paid Aquamax.

It was a blow to the budget that month, I can tell you that!

We complained to Aquamax and with the help of Consumer Affairs Victoria, Aquamax have agreed to reimburse us for the cost of the parts that were not really needed to ‘fix’ the problem.

Before today, I was ready to cry victim and regale you with articles that decry this modern malady of the lack of a spirit of service and just plain unprofessionalism.

Instead, I want to acknowledge here that the Aquamax Service Department eventually saved the day, and I am very, very thankful for their professionalism and for making what would have been a disappointing situation into a great service experience for us.

A few lessons I learned out of this experience:

1. Be very assertive and upfront about not paying anything unless and until changes that are going to be made are explained to you. I thought all tradespeople did this, but that is an assumption you don’t want to be left unspoken. Let the technician, or plumber or mechanic or whoever it is, know that you want to understand the situation and that you want to have a say on whether you want to go ahead with the fix or not.

2. If you can keep a record of things, that would be extremely helpful. In this case, I kept invoices and receipts, logged service calls and complaint letters within the day. But there may be times, especially when large amounts of money are involved, when you will need to keep written documentation. If this is not available, audio or video recording of the event might be needed. It might sound extreme, but at the very least, it will keep any ensuing issues easy to resolve if you have evidence and facts to support you.

3. Word of mouth is the best advertising. A friend or relative’s recommendation of someone else is the best indication that you will not have problems with any job or service you need. If you can find someone who’s been referred or recommended by someone you know, then go with them rather than with some unknown from the Yellow Pages, no matter how professional looking their ad may be.

4. And finally, ask and never give up. If it’s that important to you, do whatever it takes and keep on asking for the attention and feedback you need on your complaint. You don’t need to be fuming mad to keep on pursuing a complaint. You just need to believe that you are in the right and you have a legitimate complaint, request or issue.

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