Style Matters: The Myth of Living Your Best Life

Love Quotes,girly-girl-graphics,Black and White,girly girl graphics,Quotes and SayingsUnfortunately, I think my beloved Oprah (and her trainer Bob Greene) may have made this phrase popular: “Live your best life!”

Cut to images of beautiful people, beautiful places, and generally just beautiful stuff.

And that modern psychosis of not-being-enough rears its ugly head and makes us want to want, want, want more, more, more.

Is it any wonder that credit card debt is at the scale it is right now?

“Most of the happiness in this world consists in possessing what others can’t get.”- Josh Billings

No, I’m not blaming Oprah, or advertising, or even popular media.  This is all just a story of our old friend called “human nature”.


I just read an inspiring post by Rob Frankel on how there really is no such thing as a personal brand.

My contention, with STYLE, is that there is no high style or low style.  There is only your style.

It’s not about living your BEST life.

It’s about living YOUR best life.

You don’t need to buy into what the media is portraying as the best, or must-haves or absolute-required lists that come out every season to lure you into thinking if you do get it, it will make your life better.

Yes, that means even the ones on this site.

I had to learn it the hard way.  (You guessed it, I too have credit card debt.)

And I’m still learning it and will probably never stop re-learning it until I am finally all spirit and have no need for this earthly body.

That’s alright.  I’m not perfect.  Wouldn’t want to be anyway.  Too dull.

Besides, relearning from the same my mistakes. That’s MY style.

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