Style File: Beat the Blues with Colour!

Blue Life Maxi Bachelorette Dress

Life sucks. I’m PMS-ing. It’s too cold out there. I need an anti-depressant. I’m broke. I’m bored out of my mind. The economy is crap. I hate my job. I need a job. My business isn’t going anywhere. I wish I had a life. I gotta get out of these pajamas. The house is a mess. I need to finish this task. Yesterday. I need… to… do… something…

I was going to go all scientific-y and cite research on colour psychology to finish this post.  But we don’t need experts to tell us that colour makes us happy any time, any place.

So let’s indulge ourselves and check out some of my current faves.


Not too commonly known for lifting your spirits, but the right shade can amp up the wattage in your life.

Robert Rodriguez Rhinestone Cluster Top

Mason by Michelle Mason Open Spine Dress


A staple in my wardrobe. I do have this skirt, in a neutral colour though, but the pink might be a nice addition.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cut It Out Tee

Pleasure doing business 5 Band Miniskirt


And don’t you know it, zany can be fierce, too!

Alice + Olivia Kiera One Shoulder Dolman Dress

Alice + Olivia Rebecca Tie Dress


Not mellow at all. In fact, it’s cool or hot depending on how you wanna play it.

Free People Iris Tank

FREECITY Neighborhood Big Dove Tank Top


The classic shirt makes a comeback, and what better way to wear it than in crisp white. And nothing says fresh better than a simple white dress. Or almost-dress (aka itty bitty skirt).

Young Fabulous & Broke Caroline Skirt

Rebecca Minkoff The White Hot Dress

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