Life & Style: Life After a Storm

For reasons I will never be able to enumerate here, the past couple of weeks have felt very much like this photo.

This was taken some time in ’88 or ’89, the day after our house was filled nearly waist-deep from waters released from a nearby dam.  Out on the street, it was lampas-tao (literally like over a person’s height) and was rushing like a raging river. 

The rains had overwhelmed the dam because of a nasty typhoon that hit us and I remember on that day, I was very sick with the flu and could barely get up from bed.

The only thing that did get me up was when I felt the bed floating, and at some point, all of my family went up to our rooftop and onto the second storey of our neighbour’s house where we stayed until the flood waters receded the next day.

So that day, I was finally, albeit still quite weak and wobbly, able to walk about and survey the damage.

Here’s a little montage I made of that disastrous day (from my personal photo album). 

The middle photo is my mom trying to save as much as she could of her worldly possessions. 

The top photo is our little Suzie-Q (a Suzuki jeep-type car) who still survived despite that, although our dog Maverick (yes named after we watched Top Gun) got lost that day.

The bottom photo is of me still lying weakly on the bed amidst all the hullaballoo.  The bed eventually made like a boat and I had to come with the rest of the family atop our roof into our neighbour’s second floor through their window.  There’s a bigger scan of that at the end of this article.

The little cutout I got from a magazine ad for a diamond engagement ring, of all things, and reads “she adores the ocean”.  I always get a laugh out of that.


At this point, I wish I could give you some words of infinite wisdom.  Or even bullet points of practical things to do in order to move on.  I’m not that kind of blogger yet. 

But life after a storm, any storm, still goes on.  It’s not about must, or should.  It’s just.  It JUST goes on.

The kids still need to go to school.  They’ll be celebrating their birthdays soon and I’ll have to make arrangements and preparations — send out invitations, order cake, buy and prepare fod, buy baloons, take photos, preserve memories.

Life goes on.

And eventually, life will move on. 

I will put on new dreams, imagine brave new worlds.  Eventually, I WILL MOVE ON. 

I look forward to writing about that.  Soon.

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